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The Companies Association “Slavyanka” has been working for more than 80 years offering the widest choice of high quality products to its customers.

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The Companies Association “Slavyanka” is one of the biggest Russian holding companies, which consist of 4 historically significant confectionery manufactures: Confectionery factory “Slavyanka”, “Factory named N.K. Krupskaya”, Confectionery factory “Volzhanka”, Confectionery factory “Confi”.

Besides in the structure of company there are modern cocoa beans processing plant, packaging manufacturing plant, mechanical plant with a foundry shop and machinery production, and also leisure center – “Slavyanka” resort.

Today the Companies Association “Slavyanka” is

- the company, which is one of the leading Russian confectionery manufacturers;

- 4 confectionery manufactures placed in different cities of Russia;

- sales geography from Kaliningrad till Vladivostok;

- corporate chain “Slavyanka”;

- wide range of products with unparalleled quality, meeting international quality standards ISO.

For 80 years “Slavyanka” gladdens consumers by confectionery products for any taste and budget, treating millions of sweet-teeth with not only classical desserts, but also delectable specialties. Product range of Companies Association “Slavyanka” is represented by over 460 items of sugar and flour departments, including chocolate, fruit jelly, different candies and sweets with cream filling, bars, biscuits with original filling and many other things.

Special place in product range take undisputed leaders of the market - “Step”, “Squirrel”, “Bear on the North”, “Little miracle”, “Levushka”, “Kid’s souvenir”, “Special”, “Bird’s sweet”, “Baked milk”, “Zhaklin”, which represented at all places of Russia and in 18 countries across the world. For example people in Tadjikistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kirghizia, China, America and Germany prefer products of Confectionery association “Slavyanka”.

In such a case the total volume of export supplies is amount to 13% from the whole production of the company – it is not a few, but it is far from limit.

Every manufacturing facility is equipped with European hi-tech machines which are certified in accordance with international quality standards. Continuous control of row materials and semi-finished product during all the production steps provides high quality of ready products. For quite a short period of time by historical standards continuous work on improving recipes and technological processes, increasing customer experiences, aspiration of company staff members to achieve new tops of professional skills and new production levels allowed the Companies Association “Slavyanka” to become one of the biggest companies in Russia with quite a rich history.


Confectionery factory “Slavyanka” was established in 1932 on base of the oldest facility in Stary Oskol – 1389886721_1392107659.jpgConfectionery factory named 1-st May, the history of which begun in 1970s of 18th century. Establishment and development of the company, and also demand for the product in the market became the main reasons of question about increasing production power, solution of which concluded in establishment of new production facility on 1-y Konnoy Armii st., 65. For the rest 10 years, maintaining tendency of growth and modifying as technically as technologically, “Slavyanka” continues to work for the future, playing an important role in economic and social life of the city.

In a coin box of the company there are constant participation and wins in many prestigious competitions and exhibitions such as: “World Food Moscow”, “ProdExpo”, “Golden Mercury”, specialized exhibition “Agroindustrial complex of Russia”, “Russian organization of high social performance”, and also gratitudes for help in organization and participation in youth forums, international competition of children art, city life and many others significant public events.

1389886721_1449755093.jpgConfectionary factory named N.K. Krupskaya is placed in St. Petersburg. The history of the factory goes back in far 1938, but conservation of traditional taste and quality of favorite from childhood confectionery products still is considered to be the main priority. Moreover the chocolate production from unchanged leader of North-West region market – famous brand of Russian cultural capital. Evidence of high products quality are rewards and diplomas of different Russian and international exhibitions and competitions, including: “Expocenter”, “The good of the year”, “100 of the best goods in Russia”, “World Food Moscow”.

Confectionery factory “Confi” was established in 1991 on a base of “Sverdlovsk confectionery 1389886721_1449754560.jpgfactory No.1”, established on September of 1967 in Yekaterinburg. During fledging 10 years the company became the most famous in Ural region. The product of confectionery factory more than once was honored with highest awards on exhibition in London and Vienna, won the highest awards in Russian and international fairs: “Quality prize” (Switzerland), International “Quality prize” established by Trade Leaders' Club (France), “Golden Mercury” and others.

1389886721_1453211582.jpgConfectionery factory “Volzhanka” in Ulyanovsk is not only one of the most favorite food industry facilities in the Volga territory with more the 40 years history, but also the first confectionery factory in our country, that received international quality certificate ISO.

Several times the factory was laureate of “100 of the best goods in Russia” competition and awarded with diploma of Moscow International Advertising Festival.

“Cocoa-product” LLC is one of the biggest cocoa beans processing company in Russia. The company was established in 2004. The enterprise available technology makes it possible to obtain cocoa products of the highest quality with excellent technological and microbiological properties.

All the company’s products quality and safety are proved by declarations of conformity and conformity certificates. The integrated management system meeting international quality standards ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005 (HACCP) is introduced into production/

“Polygraphia-Slavyanka” LLC, was established in 2008. This year is a period of time when high-performance import equipment for corrugated board packaging production was purchased and installed. At the present time our facility is one of the biggest corrugated board manufacturers in the whole Central Black Soil Region. The production shop is equipped with modern machinery for corrugated board production. “Polygraphia-Slavyanka” LLC offers ecologically clean production ongoing technical and laboratory tests on Swedish laboratory equipment. The production quality is proved by the certificates and meet all the customer’s requirements. “Polygraphia-Slavyanka” LLC packaging is used in many industrial sectors: food-processing, tobacco, chemical and light, for porcelain and ceramics packing, etc.

The most important events of packaging production establishment were: commissioning of production workshop and equipment for complex rotary die-cutting production (2010), opening of polygraph production (2011) and beginning of the new project – organization of flexible packaging with flexography printing (2012).

"Starooskolskiy Mechanical Plant" is the oldest of the holding company with more than 100 years of history, specializes in manufacturing equipment for the food and mining industry, shaped castings by casting technology in cold-hardening mixture, which allows to obtain high-quality: steel, cast iron and aluminum castings. The company also accepts orders for manufacturing of garden equipment, sports and children's playgrounds, consumer goods, as well as parts of polyethylene and polyamide.

"Slavyanka" resort is one of the modern hotel complex located on the banks of the reservoir Oskol. Fresh air, peace and quiet of nature combined with comfort and high availability of infrastructure and sports facilities converted into holiday pleasure.

Several modern facilities, a wide range of products in a variety of manufacturing industries, a strong position in the Russian market and confident look into the future - it's all possible thanks to the fact that we are not afraid of difficulties, we work with love, care about the consumer and are proud of what we do

Slavyanka - Native. Favorite. Delicious!