Would you like to become a member of our team?

At present time in the group of companies Slavyanka employs over 6,000 people, and each of them are guaranteed equal opportunities for training and development, personal and professional growth in the interests of employees and long-term development of the holding.

We offer an opportunity to the employees to realize their potential in the professional field, to improve the existing knowledge and skills to participate in interesting and innovative projects to be part of a cohesive team.

The willingness and ability of the staff to work productively, to develop, to learn new things - the success of our company. Therefore Slavyanka attaches great importance to raising the professional level of the team. We cooperate with leading Russian universities for the training of young specialists.

Our team is a team, in which the along with the professional skills valued qualities such as team spirit, openness and focus on results. Preference is given to proactive and motivated candidates.

What do we guarantee?

1. Strict compliance of labor legislation of the Russian Federation.

2. Timely payment of wages.

3. An effective policy of compensation and benefits.

4. Individual and corporate training programs and professional development.

5. Internship program for young professionals.

6. Delivery to the workplace with office transport.

7. Branded clothing.

8. Monthly sets of confectionery products for employees.

If you are applying for a vacant position, you must do the following:

1. To send us your detailed resume, which must specify education, professional way, with reasons given for each change of the previous place of work, contact information, or you can fill in a corporate profile.

2. To expect the results of the resume summary within two weeks.

If we are interested in resume, you will be invited to be interviewed.

3. In case of successful complete all steps in we will offer you to conclude an employment contract with us.

On the subject of employment opportunities should contact the main office located at Oktyabrskaya str. 20, Stary Oskol.

Personnel department:

+ 7 (4725) 22-64-41, 44-59-20.

Resume must be sent to e-mail: