Confectionery factory

Confectionery Factory “Slavyanka” has been carrying on its business from 1932 onward, offering the widest choice of high quality products to its customers.

At the moment Confectionery Factory “Slavyanka” is represented by several modern production complexes fitted out with advanced, highly technological equipment, produced by leading European manufacturers.

Company’s product range is represented by over 250 items: wafer sweets under trademark “Miracle”, products line of “

Bird sweets” series, products under trademark “Kiddy souvenir”, chewing jellies, world-unique nougat-, soft caramel- and tender fondant-based sweets with different additives, chocolate tablets, chocolate bars, pralines, roasted candied nuts; chocolates assortments, caramel, biscuits, wafers, wafercakes, fruit jellies, marshmallow, dragee. The main “Slavyanka” brands are “Golden step”, “Levushka”, “Little miracle”, “Ordinary miracle”, “Kiddy souvenir” etc.

All Confectionery Factory “Slavyanka” products are manufactured without any genetically modified sources (GMS) use, which is proved by relevant declarations of the confectioneries production without GMS use on annual basis. The products quality and safety are proved by integrated management system meeting international quality standards ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005 (HACCP).

Throughout all its history Confectionery Factory “Slavyanka” has been one of the industry leading enterprises. The Factory, basing on the experience of previous years, has built transparent and smooth-running customer service which allows the staff to react promptly to current situation in the confectionery market and to take all the desires and proposals into account.

There was developed a program of confectioneries under customers' trademarks production. Today this is one of the most promising sectors in confectioneries production – any trading network wishes to have its unique "image". We are ready for cooperation in this field, especially because Confectionery Factory “Slavyanka” has got rich experience in the activity, including international transnational corporations being our clients.

The enterprise marketing policy is a competent combination of high quality and reasonable price. Due to this Confectionery Factory “Slavyanka” holds its own among other confectioneries manufacturers.

Confectionery Factory “Slavyanka” production is available and is demanded in all the Russian Federation Regions, CIS countries, Europe and non-CIS states.

Confectionery Factory “Slavyanka” development plans aim at the confectioneries sector increase in the Russian and international markets, production process modernization and technological processes improvement. Special attention is to be paid to the sales system as one of the enterprise effective activity major components.